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Pilot Episode 00: The Gift

Description: 22" Half Persian 3-1 titanium necklace

Made with love for an anonymous stranger in an online jewellery exchange.

Construction: 3/32" ID, 18 gauge, grade 5 titanium alloy TI6AL4V rings

Episode 01: The Möbius Ring

Description: One and a half HP 3-1 weave, twisted and joined

An infinite spiral of circles. Something that's just really fun to play with, loose enough to twiddle about with your fingers.

Construction: 3/8" ID, 18 gauge, stainless steel alloy 304 rings

Episode 02: The Coaster

Description: It's a coaster! You can put drinks on it.

I've made many similar things over the years, so I figured I'd take the opportunity to show that I enjoy more than just chainmail.

Construction: 1/8" ID crow beads, 1/8" 100% polyester black ribbon

Episode 03: The Klein Bagel

Description: The figure 8 immersion of the Klein Bottle, made manifest in steel.

And of course, a steel ball inside to travel the infinite circuit.

Construction: 3/16" ID, 18 gauge stainless steel alloy 304 rings, 8mm steel ball bearing

Bonus Giveaway 01: The Five of Diamonds

Description: Hiking staff whittled while camping at Opapiskaw lake

Whittled over three days, created to be offered to the determined. See inside for details.

Construction: 150cm tree trunk (unsure which... spruce, pine, one of the conifers)

Episode 04: The Triskelion Knot

Description: Half-Persian 6-1 weave, knotted

A particularly dense weave, unsuitable as a bracelet, but amazing when knotted. It holds its form very well.

Construction: 3/8" ID, 16 gauge stainless steel alloy 304 rings

Episode 05: The Scale Dicepurse

Description: A two-chambered dice purse, made from stainless steel and titanium

A heart-container shaped dicebag that morphed into a dicepurse. Dual-chambered, and dual-purpose.

Construction: 3/16" ID, 18 gauge; 3/32", 20 gauge stainless steel alloy 304 rings; 3/16" ID stainless steel alloy 304 scales;
7/32" ID, 18 gauge; 3/16" ID, 16 gauge; 1/2" ID, 12 gauge grade 5 titanium alloy TI6AL4V rings

Episode 06: The Titanium Earrings

Description: A classy and seductive pair of earrings in titanium.

A pair of earrings made entirely from light, hypoallergenic titanium. Accentuate your neckline with a pleasant jingling sound.

Construction: 3/32" ID, 20 gauge grade 5 titanium alloy TI6AL4V rings & french ear hooks

Episode 07: The Möbius Knot

Description: A Möbius Ring combined with a Triskelion Knot.

The fun of two thingies combined at last, making for a wonderful knotty adventure into the infinities!

Construction: 3/8" ID, 18 gauge, stainless steel alloy 304 rings

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