Oct 07, 2015
Kabutroid's political platform

Why do we all work?
Is it just to stay alive?
Basic income, yo.

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It's getting close to election time here in the Canadas, figured it was about time to post my platform for if when I become Overlord.

It's quite simple, really. Shit's gotta change. Time to change it, never mind pussy-footing around the issue, trying to make tiny tweaks to the system, adjust things here and there and say you're gonna "balance the budget", which we all well know isn't mathematically possible.

Nope... you don't even need to look at the world as a whole any more, you only need to look at your own country. Doesn't matter which one, most of 'em are in shitty shape populace-wise. Tons of starving, tons of jobless, tons of inequality, the usual.

And it's about time people acknowledged that the global economy is nothing more than a giant pyramid scheme built on debt. That shit's gotta change too.

Make me Overlord. I will fix it. Yes, you may feel discomfort due to the changes. Suck it up princess, it ain't getting any better otherwise.


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