Oct 29.9, 2014
Strip 000: Things are getting interesting

Haikus could go here
I'd change them on occasion
Let's give it a shot

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The Words of Kabutroid

So... changes a-comin'. So... unless you saw my rant a while ago, or by some bizarre coincidence saw my more thorough version on Reddit, the economy is screwed. If you're not sure why... uhh, read the Reddit one. Or better still, click either here or here.

So, whatever, that's happening. Aside from that trainwreck (or because of it, I guess), I'm getting laid off from my old position as a Customs Broker (still employed by them for 2 more days, so I'll just shut my yap about that any further for now), and getting into an entirely new career of plumbing, hopefully shortly after leaving the office. Long story short with them, I job-shadowed a crew for a few days, really enjoyed it, seemed to be doing well, and am going to be making phone calls and handing out resumes for that whole thing.

Aaaaaand... yeah. Expect a lot of minor changes and probably glitches with the site for a little bit. I'm attempting to design a new archives page, but it's taking a lot of tweaking here and there.

If you're reading this shortly after it was posted, you'll probably notice that there's a number of images without transparent backgrounds. Yeah, that'll get fixed pretty quickly. I'm going to be doing a bit of a minor redesign of the page to clean it up a bit (and did you notice the background changed?) and clean things up a little here and there. Clean up the html a hit, maybe change a few icons here and there. You probably won't notice it too easily, it'll be little changes as time goes by, probably nothing too big at once. Well, aside from this I suppose. And the bonus page, but that was a few months ago.

Otherwise... yeah, expect more updates as time goes by. I honestly have no clue what I'll be posting. Will it be storyline based? Dunno. Will it be random, one-off strips? Dunno. Will it be about plumbing? Dunno, although I imagine a few probably will be. Basically, right now... the future can hold virtually *anything*, and like the comic says... I just enjoy making comics about things. It's fun!

But oh yes... the next few years are going to be interesting. And maybe not just for me, things are pretty much up in the air for our entire species at this point. People have asked for change... I hope they're prepared for just about anything.

On a related note, it's stupidly easy (albeit expensive) to go to a bank and buy just... gold bars or coins. Or stocks, but... y'know. I'm no economist, just some guy with a website... but I get the feeling having some gold bars kicking around might be a wise idea for the next little while... I don't see the price going anywhere but up on those, and honestly... I trust my neighbours FAR more than I trust the private ledgers of a horrifically corrupt and broken financial system right now.

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