a way of life

a dedication to dainty and feminine

What is a sissy. A sissy is someone who moves in a proper manner, who takes time to make deliberate movements in order to... push being daintier, for lack of a better way of putting it. Everything about the lifestyle appeals to sissy. Holding the purse in front while walking around in public feels so feminine, so delicate. It's... amazing, and sissy can't possibly imagine wanting to change sissy's way of living.

Clean, proper eating. A napkin for the cutlery to keep the table clean, a napkin for the fingers or edges of the lips. It is about cleanliness. About self control. About training sissy's body and mind to be more feminine and proper.

i came out as trans a while ago. i could go into great detail about that one. For decades having hidden a woman inside the closet, bottled up only to escape but once or twice a year. That woman burst forth when i came out as trans. That woman realised that she had a body that was gradually, with the assistance of hormone therapy, becoming more womanly and shapely every day. she wasn't about to pass up the opportunity to turn this body into the body that she has always wanted. a feminine, dainty figure. a casual yet proper, smart yet silly sissy.

i've had many worries and mental hurdles to cross to get as far as i've come. It takes accepting a great deal of new potential danger. Not everyone is a kind and loving soul unfortunately, and that has weighed heavily on my mind.

Those are mainly worries of the past though. Much of it is attributed to my past. Growing up on a farm, chainmailling. If i did not think that i was capable of defending myself should the need arise, i likely would not have come as far as i have.

Whew, heavy stuff there, what was that all about, huh? Ah well, had to be said. i move in a feminine manner because that's that's how i want this body to move. That femininity has been bottled up and denied access to the world for far too long. Now it has the opportunity to be as feminine and dainty as possible. This is an opportunity that isn't being passed up.

sissy for life <3

Tattooed by Dean on July 06 2017 at Phase II Tattoos & Body Piercing in cottoncandy pink grumpy tiger font

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. my life is an open book but for the asking.

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