Just meow

This is a complicated one to get into. It's a tattoo of many facets. It's highly visible. It's a lowercase meow. Adore Delano has a similar tattoo. It was mainly the influence from the Drag Queens that pushed me over the edge to get this tattoo. The meow tattoo is my reward to myself for having 'gotten somewhere' in self employment. kabuthunk's livestream gained affiliate status with Twitch, and things started building. People regularly come in and chat with me. They listen to my music, banter back and forth, be a part of my life.

meow is my reward for getting somewhere on my own. Also, i was trained by a cat.

Tattooed by Astrea on June 06 2017 at Maya Tattoo

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. my life is an open book but for the asking.

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