tattoes and Home searching

a whole slew of updates. whew, let's see how well i can get through this. first up, thank you so much to my Patrons BrotherFlounder, Wei-Hwa Huang, DaBoaringDragon, Suvarestin, and mathphysicsnerd for continuing to support me through May and June. apologies for the decreased number of updates to Patreon, but they will increase again in August when dragonmaking continues

speaking of, the dragonmaking is on hold while sissy's meow tattoo heals. i have to avoid stretching the fingers with pliers or excessive use for eight to nine weeks, so livestream is consisting of mainly throat singing and bantering with the chatters. sissy also has a sissy tattoo on sissy's right ankle. read about them in those links, or the short version is that the meow is a reward for getting somewhere with Thingies and Stuff, and sissy is the embracement of the feminine and delicate. there will definitely be more tattooes in the future, so keep an eye out for updates

legal name change! as said in the comic, my name will be legally changed to katielynne as soon as possible. i currently find myself between rooms though, staying in the basement of a Friend. i'm pursuing as many avenues of finding a Home as possible, so wish me luck. patience and persistence will be my best friends through this

and yeah, that about covers the brunt of the major updates lately. i've been kept busy looking for new places, livestreaming, and generally trying to put my life together. i've had a lot of realisations over the past while, and know what direction my life is meant to travel. just need to get through the rough parts at the same time as nurturing the rest

kabuthunk / katielynne harder

Basically everything was designed by Nintendo, who I'm hoping still let me keep doing my thing. It's a parody. And free. Did I mention they're awesome too?
Comics, ideas, etc, etc owned by me, blah, blah, legal stuff. Look, just don't be a jerk, and it's all good. I'm pretty easygoing, and really don't care all that much... just don't go impersonating me and we're cool.