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Living in a broken economy

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Living in a mathematically unsustainable economy

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No comics just yet, but wanted to get something else off my chest. See above. TL;DR included.
Ok guys, the fight is continuing. I've gotten Linux Mint downloaded, and as far as I know installed. I've followed this walkthrough to a "T", and I'm still not able to access Linux.

Basically, got Linux on a LiveUSB thumb stick, booted into that, installed Mint 17, followed that walkthrough about setting up the partitions, installed Linux, all with no errors, no problems, everything looking perfectly fine.

So the computer reboots at the end of install, and... straight back into Windows. That walkthrough says I shoulda gotten a boot menu to pick which OS to use, but nnnnope... straight to Windows (Windows 7 if that helps... the sticker on it says Win8 Pro Downgrade). I hit escape when I first boot up to enter the... bios bootup menu? Whatever, you know what I mean. I've got the options of hard drive (which just goes to Windows), the DVD drive which is empty, and that thumbstick, which just... y'know... tries to install Linux again.

I was recommended Boot Repair to solve the problem, but I can't get my computer to boot into that. Can do it again if anyone needs the specific error and wants to throw me a hand, but basically it said it's unable to find any boot... anything on the thumb drive when I tried.

So... anyone wanna help me take a swing at this? I'm running low on ideas as to what else I can try to fix this. Someone on Reddit mentioned configuring GRuB, however as far as I know that could only be done from Linux. Am planning to google up on that part after posting this, but otherwise, any help anyone can throw me... let me have it. I can at least use a computer and follow instructions half-assed, so if it involves editing .cfg files or something, I can probably oblige. Best place to get back to me is probably facebook, google plus or that shoutbox at the bottom of the page... kinda rare I use email any more, sorry. I'm still totally going to try to keep an eye on the email, but honestly I usually forget about the damn thing for weeks at a time.

But yeah, if anyone might be able to throw me a hand, that'd be awesome.

To-do list:
Make pages in the Stuff section for new chainmail... stuff.
Update profiles page

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