Today's comic: April 12.0
Strip 1256: Workplace disruptions + other stuff

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The Words of Kabutroid

It's currently 2:00am, but since we need to call for a taxi at 3:30am to drag us to the airport, I figured there wasn't much point in going to sleep. It'll be a long flight, I'm sure I'll be sleeping for a chunk of that. Figured I'd take this time to make you guys a comic to leave a bit of a different cliffhanger for you.

And for the 'other stuff' mentioned above, if you didn't catch it when it was posted during the week, there was a Kabutroid Combines Sour Cream and Sriracha Sauce, and a rant about swearing. Warning: May contain swearing.

That said, it's time for a week of sun, fun, and relaxation in Mexico. If I take any particularly interesting pics, or get any weird crap that I like to get, I'll post it when I get back... likely in the Kabucam gallery that's in dire need of more updating. Guess I should add a reminder below to update the profiles page sometime. Also, keep an eye on the twitter feed below for any updates I may post from Mexico. May phone may be pay-as-you-go, but texting is still cheap, which sends it to twitter.


To-do list:
Make pages in the Stuff section for new chainmail... stuff.
Update profiles page

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