June 30.5, 2015
Shout-out to the famous types

Famous people rock
More money than you can spend
That'd be nice to try

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As prideful and great as that gay marriage thing was, that picture is just... bright and painful.

So I figured I'd make a comic with how things are going so far.

So far, pretty good. Anyone I've met is generally accepting of all this stuff, and the most flack I've seen in person is a homophobic insult or two muttered under someone's breath. Well, let them harbour their hatred, it'll only hurt 'em in the long run. Muttering under the breath I could care less about. I assume they're attempting to make me feel bad about myself (likely in order to make themselves feel better about themselves), but if I already accept myself and am happy and proud of who I am, things like that just make me chuckle to myself. Whatever, haters gonna hate, no sense wasting my own happiness worrying about what other people have hidden in their closets, mental or otherwise :P

But gotta say, transgender's getting a lot of publicity lately. All kindsa famous people coming out of the woodwork. Those listed in the comic, Caitlyn Jenner, Ruby Rose is getting more prominent in the news lately. Or maybe this is because I tend to look at a lot more news related to transgender issues lately too. But even still, John Oliver did a bit on transgender rights (don't get me started on the whole seperate washroom thing. I've got... opinions on it), other famous people are speaking out every now and then. I think I might be a bit lucky and be riding this wave of acceptance, so to speak. Well, not so much ride the wave as dabble in my little ripple-pool here, but I can *watch* the wave, and of course generally enjoy the additional acceptance that washes in with it :).

Nothing much else to speak of. Thinking of picking a business name so I can sell off some of my chainmail stuff, or otherwise scrape together some extra money somehow or another. Y'know, it's not gonna cover like... rent or food or whatever, but it'll help.

Now, I've just gotta figure out how all this business bullshit works. I've picked a name, but that's not leaving my mouth until I can get through all of the annoying, and probably expensive, legaleze and paperwork to try to pull this off.

And then get to pay taxes and fees on everything no less.

Bah. Why must one half of my life be so amazing... the 'mental' half, as it were. And then the other half... the 'real' half, so to speak, is a horrific trainwreck of layoffs and Mr. Noodles.

Oh well, I've eaten less.

On a related note, vote for Kabutroid :P


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