Today's comic: Sept. 1, 2014
Kabutroid waxes philosophical about the meaning of life

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I'm still working on getting the new computer up and running. Click here for my philosophical rambling

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The Words of Kabutroid

I'm not entire sure why I bothered to type this all down. Came to me one day while daydreaming of sorts. I'm chalking it up to all the unpleasant crap that's come up over the past few years. Probably some midlife crisis bullshit in there too somewhere.

In either case, amidst my mental wanderings, I came up with the meaning of life.

Also, I'd probably post more here, but a) it's currently ridiculously late, b) I'm really not that fond of typing on a laptop keyboard (and am otherwise at the moment too lazy to go wander into the other room, grab it, get it untangled, g-ugh... this is good enough for the current purposes. Besides, I typed that entire rambling on here... starting to get better at it.

My goal for this week is to install Linux Mint (and with it Kolourpaint), rip the old hard drive out of the dead computer, get an external drive mount, see if I can still access the old files, and then get the website and everything else moved to the new computer.

I realize it's been very dead here though, and I apologize. But seriously, I've been loving the hell out of this summer. Tons of biking, getting in surprisingly good shape. Keeping myself healthier overall. I dunno... ever since the aforementioned crap and the thoughts that come therewith, I've been trying to take better care of myself. Eat healthier. Do more exercise. Learn more, keep up to date with things. It's been really fun, and srsly, I actually DO have comic ideas still rattling around upstairs. Finishing off a few mini story arcs, making some random stuff in general, you get the idea.

But today... today I just wanted to get all that off my chest. I've literally been thinking it through and typing it just about nonstop for about 4 hours now. Hopefully it flows well, and there's not too many blindingly obvious mistakes :P

To-do list:
Make pages in the Stuff section for new chainmail... stuff.
Update profiles page

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